Colelarious Vol. 7

Happy Thanksgiving Week!!

I want to apologize for not posting much last week. With everything going on, I ran out of time to bring one of Cole's lovely ideas to life. I do wish I had a turkey inspired one for this week, but alas, he has not graced us with such a phrase.

I do have a real mind bender for you though. I forget what he was doing when he said this, but we were staying at a friend's house and Cole peeked his head around the corner and said...

Colelarious Vol. 7  Tying is Seeing

Colelarious Vol. 7  Tying is Seeing


You read that right, "Tying is Seeing." I have no idea what this means, but it seems really profound. Like one of those fortune cookies that leaves you scratching your head, but you're sure the statement will come in handy sooner or later.

BONUS COLELARIOUS! Good news. Since I missed last week's, be on the lookout for a second Colelarious being posted in the next few days.

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