Mother's Day



Being a mom can be hard, and honestly, some days I wish I wasn't a mom. Think about all that free time you had before those little gremlins came screaming out of you! No one can tell you how it feels to have your heart living and breathing on its own outside your body. All those emotions you feel will be intensified by a million. Sometimes, the amount of love I feel for my son is overwhelming. It's heavy to carry around all this worry for my tiny human. I want him to have everything he craves out of life and in order for him to do that, I have to show him how. You go into motherhood knowing you will need to feed and cloth and love this little person, but no one tells you just how much your kids are here to teach and change you. They will show you that you are worthy of everything you ever dreamed and that wonder is all around you. The question is, are we as parents ready to embrace it? Instead of stifling are kids sense of enchantment and genuine awe of the world around them, why not join them? Run and scream with them. Cry with them. Fall down on the floor giggling like a fool with them. Take risks with them. We are all on our own journey and that is no different for our children - they are just beginning theirs and it is our duty as mothers and fellow human beings to show them the way to follow their souls.

This Mother's Day, I want us all to embrace our kids and thank them for choosing us to show them how to be their best version of themselves and for helping to ensure we do the same. We all deserve every happiness we crave and it is my son that is showing me that is possible, not just for him, but for me. 

So, let your hair down mama and have fun with your kids not just today, but every day. Don't lose your sense of wonder. Be inspiring. Let your kids see that you are just a person. We don't know it all and that's ok, we don't need too. We just have to love with all our heart, every day.

Happy Mother's Day!