It's been awhile...

Happy Friday everyone!! I hope you all are doing well and looking forward to the weekend as much as I am. Things have been so busy around here, I can't wait to share it all with you.

First up...

I'm sure you saw my recent posts on Facebook and Instagram about this great series I am beginning this coming Monday. I have been itching to start this for some time now and finally decided to bite the bullet and get it going. For the unknown future, I'll be releasing a new image every week illustrating something colelarious my son has said. I've been keeping track of all the ridiculousness for months and there are some real gems. Fingers crossed he doesn't hate me for doing this when he gets older. Either way, it is sure to embarrass him throughout his pre-teen and teen years and all parents know that embarrassing your children is kinda fun. Just kidding...sort of...not really.

Speaking of social media...if you haven't gone to like my Facebook page @lyndseyspeaks, please do. Or, even better, like my page AND go follow me on Instagram & Twitter @lyndseyspeaks. Was that desperate enough for you?

Coming soon...

Type Tuesdays - I'm going to showcase a fave typeface of mine every Tuesday.

Throwback Portfolio Thursday - Yes, I tried this before. Yes, I'm actually going to do it this time. I'm going to go through my old projects and revamp of some them. Then, I'll post both for you lovely people to vote on.

Freebie Fridays - Not sure what will be free, could be anything. You'll just have to like my page and follow me to find out. See what I did there?

When will I start all these?
Who knows, I'm just shooting from the hip right now.

Happy Friday people! Now, someone pour me a drink - apparently, I have A LOT of work to do.